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Terms & Conditions of Use


A. INTRODUCTION to iG-Transport & iG-Express

iGreenLink offers the special shipping service (iG-Transport) from Canada to Viet Nam, which includes all shipping fees, import taxes, customs & warehouse services, and express service (iG-Express) that allows you to send packages across Canada, the USA, and other countries at the fingertip.

Senders with own accounts will be able to submit any shipping orders through the iGreenLink Integrated Shipping Platform.

Senders can ship with iGreenLink any commodities that allowed by law and with any weight which can be 1 Lb to 1,000 Lb

All activities of one transaction, including placing an order, making the payment, tracking the status of the package can be done in one-stop integrated shipping platform.


iGreenLink always offers many promotion programs and benefits for customers such as The More Weight ON, The More Percentage OFF", "Flat Rate" applied for many items, VIP's benefits


"Check before Signing": allows the Receiver can inspect the content inside the package before signing to the delivery receipt.

"Signature Required": assure that parcels will be directly delivered to Receivers


At many locations, cities or towns in Canada, shippers now can send gifts, packages using iGreenLink's Integrated Shipping Platform.

At the fingertip, shippers or customers can quickly complete their shipping orders with the following four (04) simple steps:

1) Register an account at https://www.igreencorp.com, and then you make a shipping order. You can choose to use our couriers, drop off the package by yourself, or use your preferred shipping service.

2) Receive confirmation from iGreenLink and print the labels issued by UPS, Fedex, Purolator for sending your package to iGreenLink's warehouses.

3) iGreenLink will Check, Reweight, Repack (CRR term), and then confirm the final invoice. Shippers are responsible for paying the invoice before we send the package to Viet Nam.

4) You are now can track your package from our warehouse to the Receiver's address in Viet Nam.

5) Your package is considered a Large Package when its length plus girth [(2 x width) + (2 x height)] combined exceeds 118 inches, but does not exceed the maximum size of 157 inches.


Article 1: Regulation on import and export goods - Operating under the current laws

1.1) iGreenLink does not transport or ship goods on the list of "prohibited items from export, import" regulated by the customs.

1.2) iGreenLink operates and strictly complies with the regulations under current laws of Canada, Viet Nam, and other countries.

1.3) iGreenLink does not accept the transport of dangerous goods on the list of "prohibited and restricted dangerous goods" regulated by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) or/and airlines.

If you have any questions regarding these issues, please contact iGreenLink tollfree number 1 (888) 619-6869 for further instructions.

Article 2: Rights & Responsibilities of shippers

2.1) Enjoy all of iGreenLink's benefits, promotion programs, services, and products.

2.2) Have a guarantee, safe, and best customer service.

2.3) Have a receipt with the shipping order number to track your goods 24/7.

2.4) To be responsible for packing and claiming correct values and quantity of products. Any claim or dispute arises based on the information of the declared value.

2.5) To be responsible for providing accurate information about sender & recipient. iGreenLink will not be liable for any costs incurred due to late delivery, returned goods, next delivery or lost package due to a wrong or not updated addresses.

2.6) Ensure that all items are legal, not prohibited, or dangerous.

2.7) Commit payment by following the agreement, and accept to pay the interest acquired if any.

Article 3: IGreenLink's responsibility

3.1) Commit and ensure the content and service quality announced.

3.2) Work out with suppliers, vendors as the intermediary role as per the requested purchasing order.

3.3) Inspect the goods, advise, and recommend any items that are not sent, limit, or high value need to buy insurance.

3.4) Commit to delivery on time, except for force majeure conditions.

3.5) Guarantee customer satisfaction when using iGreenLink's services and products.

3.6) Quickly resolve queries and complaints. Promptly support customers to handle claims with suppliers for the requested purchasing service.

Article 4: Disclaimer of liabilities

4.1) For goods confiscated by agencies or authorities (customs, aviation security, economic security) when the items violate prohibited, illegal, or restricted goods without a declaration.

4.2) Cargo incidents (damaged, lost) shipped by carriers such as UPS, Fedex, Purolator, Canada Post, USPS, Canpar, ... from cities (Canada, US) to iGreenLink's warehouses (Toronto, Vancouver and other cities published at the iGreenLink website). The shipper can directly buy insurance at the above carriers.

4.3) Settle any compensation if goods have no invoices, online receipts.

4.4) For naturally damaged goods (fruits, fresh foods), fragile products, improperly packed liquid bottles, or items that do not have specific values ​​such as paintings, photos, family albums.

4.5) Refuse to receive the goods if they do not comply with applicable laws and regulations.

4.6) For cases that shipments do not arrive on time because of airline flight delays, or retained delivery by customs requirements.

4.7) Encounter natural disasters, road accidents, fire, war.

Article 5: Insurance, Compensation

5.1) Standard Insurance: included in the shipping rate offered by iGreenLink

In general, iGreenLink will compensate at CAD10.50/lb when goods are lost during transportation.

Order with goods value declaration (Declared value) and proof of purchase will be compensated according to the declared value but not more than CAD500/order.

5.2) Optional Insurance: is an insurance that the sender can choose to buy for high-value items at a rate of 3% total goods value.

100% compensation according to the value of the goods purchased for insurance but not exceeding CAD3,000/order.

The sender needs to provide a purchase invoice (receipts, invoices) proving that the goods are purchased per the value of the insurance.


* iGreenLink will compensate for losses based on Standard & Optional Insurance according to Article 5.1 and 5.2 without being responsible for reimbursing shipping charges, and other related fees (if any)

* For goods that do not declare the correct name, quantity or value, iGreenLink will not be responsible if the goods are confiscated, held, fined by the authorities or customs at destination countries.

5.3) iGreenLink is not responsible for insurance, compensation for the following cases:

- Goods which are fragile, liquid, easily damaged by natural properties.

- Goods declared an incorrect name, quantity, or value that can be confiscated, held, fined by the authorities or customs.

5.4) Force majeure due to natural disasters, fires, enemy sabotage, and aviation accidents

iGreenLink is exempt from direct compensation but is responsible for working with authorities (TC-Transport Canada / IATA: International Air Transport Accossiation) to implement the settlement announced.

Note: senders are encouraged to buy Optional Insurance for the high-value goods as many factors out of iGreenLink control scope such as airport warehouses, airlines storages, customs warehouses.

For the Requested purchasing service, iGreenLink is supporting buyers to work with vendors in cases of wrong delivery, missing items, unsatisfaction of delivery.